Friday, November 18, 2011


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Do It Live! Productions presents Will Shakespeare’s

BAD HAMLET: The Bootleg Quarto of 1603


December 2 - 17, 2011 
Thurs, Fri, & Sat @ 8pm

Boxcar Theater
125 A Hyde St (@ Golden Gate), SF, CA 94115, (get map)

$15 online at


DEC 2011, SAN FRANCISCO, CA — It’s not just rotten in the state of Denmark, it’s rougher and rawer than ever before.
BAD HAMLET: The Bootleg Quarto of 1603 tears off its Elizabethan collar and bares its teeth! Rarely done and never done well, Do It Live! Productions has unearthed an ‘illegitimate’ copy of Shakespeare’s immortal classic, bootlegged by an underpaid actor from the original production! And rest assured, he remembered... well, the gist of it, anyway.  They’re unleashing their most bad-ass Bard to date.  Every dog has his day—and this great Dane’s ready to attack.

This absolutely real and authentic “bastard” version has been buried in obscurity for years—maybe for good reason!  All your favorite lines gain new insight and nuance!  Hear the Melancholy Dane sigh,  “To be or not to be... there’s the point.”  
BAD HAMLET has everything you love about Hamlet, with none of the existential angst.  Vengeance! Murder! Sword fights! So what if it’s missing a character or two?  This is a thinking man’s play, at a drinking man’s pace.

BAD HAMLET turns the Danish prince from mild-mannered bookworm to weight-lifting college dropout.  Wedding crashing, table flipping—Hamlet’s discovered that his fist isn’t just a place to rest his head anymore. What do you get the Dad who’s just been murdered by your uncle? Vengeance—sweet, sweet vengeance.  Seize the Dane!

“According to
Hamlet, ‘Denmark is a prison’," asserts director Jeremy Forbing, "But in the Bootleg Quarto, it isn’t the sprawling low-security kind where everyone gets a few hours in the sun. Bad Hamlet is death-row, a cramped and crumbling ruin, full of people whose every grudge, alliance, or escape attempt has the stakes of life or death.  It's the play historians don't want you to know about.”

BAD HAMLET runs December 2 - 17, 2011, Thurs, Fri & Sat @ 8pm; at Boxcar Studios 125A Hyde Street (@ Golden Gate), SF, boxcartheatre.orgTickets are $15 online at  More info at

BAD HAMLET is produced by Do It Live! Productions (Will Hand, Kenny Toll and Shay Wisniewski), the snarky upstarts who brought you the cell-phone toting TWO GENTS OF VERONA and HENRY THE SIXTH (“an ambitious and solid feat of theater” — SF Appeal), in association with director and co-producer Jeremy Forbing; and features:  Kenny Toll, Aaron Teixeira, Shay Wisniewski, Sean Owens, Ben Landmesser, Rik Lopes, Tamara Miller, Clay Newman, and Lauren Burgat. Sound Design by Hannah Birch Carl.

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ABOUT DO IT LIVE PRODUCTIONS:  Having assembled a dirty dozen of the hungriest actors the formidable SF State has to offer, Do It Live! wants to see an SF that likes its theater like it likes its food: irreverent, cross-disciplinary, ranging from the refined classics to the downright insane and unheard of--like cultivating the theatrical equivalent of Rum and Cornflake Ice Cream. And this crack team of starving SF State Alums can do just that. They're in love with the classics, but tired of the same-old, same-old, and what they lack in mileage they make up for in enthusiasm.